FW1884 For Dummies Page updated

Phil Muir, a frequent contributor to the JSonar project, informed us that he has just updated his all-famous „FW1884 For Dummies Page“ guide.

Just to recap, Phil's guide includes:

Putting Apple’s GarageBand to the Test: Disc Maker's blog

One of the cool things about Mac is that it comes preloaded with a lot of great utilities and programs right out of the box. No wonder artists and musicians often choose this platform, and Apple products in particular, for gigging, recording and creating music.

SONAR 8.5 Earns Excellent Ratings in EM Review

SONAR 8.5 Earns Excellent Ratings in EM Review – Electronic Musician’s Brian Smithers highlighted just some of SONAR 8.5’s many strong suits in his latest review, stating that ”although SONAR was already a strong platform for groove manipulation, its new arpeggiator and Matrix view, along with the improved

Analog Recording in Digital Times: Disc Maker's blog

While the revolution in recording technology centers on affordable digital audio workstations, the affection for the old analog traditions and sounds is more than just nostalgia.

Songwriter Raul Midon Produces Music with Cake-Talking Technology

Kind of bad that Raul did not consider JSonar first. O well!

Songwriter Raul Midon Produces Music with Cake-Talking Technology – New York City singer-songwriter, Raul Midon celebrates the release of his latest album, Synthesis, which hits stores in the US today.