Accessibility-related fixes in Sonar 8.5.2 patch

The following accessibility-related fixes have been reported by Cakewalk in the latest 8.5.2 patch for Cakewalk Sonar (accompanying notes by Phil Muir and yours truly):

  • Matrix View is now more accessible:
    • Control+arrow keys move you between toolbar, „cells“ and „rows“ panes.
    • While inside the „toolbar“ pane, up and down

Random notes on Sonar 8.5 and accessibility

I decided to jut down some random notes on my usage of Sonar 8.5 with regards to the accessibility in no particular order. These will probably be converted into FAQs at some point.

Watch out

  • If you get strange layout problems, make sure to uncheck the „enable tabs for open views“ option under the „view“ menu.

Sonar, watch out! Protools will be accessible soon!

I realize this is not exactly a Sonar-related news, but its significance cannot be understated either. It does appear from the article below that Protools on the Mac will become an accessible application in the near future. This means that visually impaired musicians and recording engineers from around the world will get a screen reader access to Sonar's competition on the Mac, i.e. Protools.

The Next Version of SONAR… Is Here!

Sonar 8.5 upgrade from Cakewalk is here, lots of stability improvements support for Windows 7, many other features, but no specific accessibility „wows“ to speak of…

Buy Cakewalk Sonar 8 from with free ground shipping!

The Next Version o

Stevie Wonder rallies for more access to gadgets

Even though this is not strictly Sonar or JSonar-related, I think that the message Stevie Wonder puts forward, is applicable to manufacturers of music software and hardware.

It is very common these days to find hardware gadgets that only have menus, control surfaces that rely on touch exclusively and „wonderful“ software that will let you create music only if you can click with a mouse. Read more