I Can See for Miles: The Journey of Universal/Decca Artist Raul Midon

Raul Midon is a talented performer who uses Cakewalk Sonar to drive his inspiration. There may be other things you don't know about Raul… The following article from the Cakewalk blog reveals more details about his life and artistic career.

Cakewalk’s Portable Recording Solution for Guitarists & Singer-Songwriters

Cakewalk’s Por­table Recording Solution for Guitarists & Singer-Songwriters – Every year at this time, Cakewalk travels to Frankfurt, Germany to attend Europe’s largest music trade show event, Musikmesse. Read more

How to quickly contact Cakewalk support when you need it?

Did you know that it is unbelievably easy to reach Cakewalk's techni­cal support or report a bug without remembering their web site or an E-mail address? Read more

NAMM 2010: Creative Tools for Independent Minds

I dig the title of this post, but think that I'd rather go for „creative minds“ as opposed to „creative tools“. In my view, „creative tools“ require „dependent minds“. Read more