Basic Tracks: Where the Magic Is Made: Disc Maker's blog

Can you remember those times when you, all fired up about your new song, spent hours and hours with Sonar's Sessi­onDrummer trying to come up with a good-sounding and adrenalin-pumping drum track? The next day, having listened to to your previous day's work, you turned away in disgust or with a feeling of despair? Read more

Robin’s Riffs: How to create layered synth sounds

Robin’s Riffs: How to create layered synth sounds – Cakewalk’s Robin Kelly has put together a series of tech tips for SONAR users in a section we are calling Robin’s Riffs. Each week, we will include a new tip. This week, Robin Kelly shows you how to achieve a layered synth sound in SONAR.

Lead Sheet Software Compared: Disc Maker's blog

A debate over Sibelius vs Finale is just as old as the one discussing Sonar vs Protools. The article from the Disc Maker's blog below has a more practical and non-religious approach.

Creating a Great Composite Vocal Recording: Disc Maker's Blog

Another wonderful piece from the Disc Maker's Blog, this time on recording vocals and the equipment/skills needed to make it work in the home studio environment.