Play List View

Description Shortcut
Add song A
Delay W
Display full path names F
Enable Play List E
Keep the Play List on top of other views T

Tempo View

Description Shortcut
Delete tempo Del
Draw line tool L
Draw tool D
Erase tool E
Insert tempo Ins
Select tool

SONAR Shortcut Reference Document 8.3.1

for Cakewalk SONAR 8.3.1

(* = new or changed for SONAR 8)

This guide is a courtesy of:

2009 by Mabean, – Accessible version by Tim Burges


Description Shortcut
Arrow tool S
AutoScroll A
Bypass B
Cancel drag gesture Esc
Cycle through all modes Shift+Left / Right

All Views

Description Shortcut
Activate Zoom Tool Z (Hold)
Audiosnap Enable / Disable F12
Audition Shift+Space
Center Now Time G
Clip Mute / Unmute Q</