FW1884 For Dummies Page updated

Phil Muir, a frequent contributor to the JSonar project, informed us that he has just updated his all-famous „FW1884 For Dummies Page“ guide.

Just to recap, Phil's guide includes:

Composing Music with Sonar and JSonar with JAWS for Windows screen reader

Kelly John Sapergia has just recorded a demo of JSonar and Sonar 8.5 for the „Innovations“, The Global Voice's technology show. During the presentation, he discussed and demonstrated how to compose a music bed for a new jingle for the station. Read more


On this page you wil be able to listen to various podcasts that cover topics related to recording with Cakewalk Sonar. While JSonar is used in some of these podcasts, this will not necessarily be the case for all of them.

If you know of a podcast that should be here, please let us know.

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Scrubbing and Jogging with JSonar

This article describes how to use scrubbing and jogging features of Cakewalk Sonar together with JSonar. It applies to versions of JSonar and Sonar from 4.2 up to 8.0.
– contributed by Victor Tsaran

FW1884 For Dummies Page

These days many home recording musicians as well as professional sound engineers choose to operate complex interfaces like that of Cakewalk Sonar with a help of the devices known as control surface. Read more