Piano Roll View

Description Shortcut
All Tracks A
Dotted Note .
Draw Tool D
Enter a Half Note 2
Enter a Quarter Note 4
Enter a S

Keyboard Select Mode

Description Shortcut
Center Free Edit cursor Num Pad 5
Edit Mode Num Pad 9
Extend selection down Alt+Shift+Num Pad 2<font color='#CC0000

Step Sequencer View

Description Shortcut
Coarse adjust for knobs [ / ]
Delete the active row Del
For spinner controls, increase/decrease value; fine adjust for knobs + / –
Insert a new row above

* From Sonar Tips *

Description Shortcut
Absolute / Relative Multiple Slip Editing Shift+drag
Adjust multiple velocity tails Shift+adjust
Adjust spinner control value Drag center button

Staff View

Description Shortcut
Chord C
Dotted .
Draw Tool D
Eighth Note 8
Erase Tool E
Export to ASCII TAB X