Important JSonar and Hot Spot Clicker updates

For weeks now (no one really knows for how long) many users have been reporting strange issues when using various Hot Spot Clicker sets. The main issue was that the sets would not switch automatically when their respective plugins were loaded into Sonar.

Similarly, there have been complaints that JSonar did not accurately report VU meter values. Read more


On this page you wil be able to listen to various podcasts that cover topics related to recording with Cakewalk Sonar. While JSonar is used in some of these podcasts, this will not necessarily be the case for all of them.

If you know of a podcast that should be here, please let us know.

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Hot Spot Clicker sets Updated

According to Phil Muir:

  • Updated the Session Drummer sets for Sonar 5 and 6. it is now possible to use the Windows key and numbers on the top row of your keyboard to jump to various places in the spot ring. Have updated the help to reflect this.
  • Added frequency buttons to the Linear Compressor set.  This means that you won't need to use the spot ring to acc

Hot Spot Clicker news

For all of you, Hot Spot Clicker fans, a bit of fresh news from Phil Muir and The SnowMan.

New version of Hot Spot Clicker Released

In this version:

  • HotSpotClicker is updated to version 193.
  • It now compiles under jaws 10.
  • Support for virtual cursor-relative ho

New Hot Spot Clicker sets are now available!

According to Phil Muir, there are now updated Hot Spot Clicker sets available on his web site. In Phil's own words:

  • Reworked and tidied up code in all of the help for all of the .HSC sets on the site.
  • Updated the Dimension Pro sets.