JSonar News

Peter Torpey joins the JSonar development team

I am happy to welcome Peter Torpey as a new developer to the JSonar project team. Peter has already contributed a number of features over the last couple of weeks that made JSonar a better software.

Good News for JSonar7 Users

I know, I know… It has been a long wait for JSonar7 users… And not all of you can upgrade to the shiny Sonar 8.3.1. But the good news is here…

I have just updated JSonar7 with the following additions from JSonar8 (please use only English language installer for now): Read more

Latest updates for JSonar8

Here are some of the latest changes within JSonar8 that took place within the last couple of months.

  • Both Spanish and French versions of JSonar will now only work with localized versions of Cakewalk Sonar, i.e.

Getting closer to the final release of JSonar8

With every week passing we get closer and closer to the final release of JSonar8. We have been in a testing mode for much of this time and here is a summary of some of the additions and fixes. Read more

New JSonar language added

I am happy to announce that a new translation has been added to the JSonar family of languages. Thanks to D!J!X!, JSonar is now available in Spanish in addition to previously-available Russian, German, Dutch and Swedish languages. Please spread the word!

Head over to the Daily Snapshots section and download the latest build for JSonar8. Read more