Follow JSonar guys on Twitter

Initially, I have been tweeting everything from the same Twitter account. However, I soon realized that I was missing out on those people who are only interested in music-related topics.

So, I have now established another account, which will feature strictly music-related tweets. Read more

Comparison of Jsonar and Caketalking

This is by no means a complete (or accurate representation) of the features offered by both products. The information, presented herein, is based on Emails posted to various audio-related lists.

Some more changes to JSonar7 and JSonar8

After discussing several recent changes with JSonar users, I have made the following adjustments to both JSonar7 and JSonar8 daily snapshots:

Development Builds

This section is currently under construction.

Several Important Changes to JSonar8

Thought I'd let JSonar8 users know about several important changes that took place within the latest daily snapshot of JSonar8. Read more