Scrubbing and Jogging with JSonar

This article describes how to use scrubbing and jogging features of Cakewalk Sonar together with JSonar. It applies to versions of JSonar and Sonar from 4.2 up to 8.0.
– contributed by Victor Tsaran

New JSonar language added

I am happy to announce that a new translation has been added to the JSonar family of languages. Thanks to D!J!X!, JSonar is now available in Spanish in addition to previously-available Russian, German, Dutch and Swedish languages. Please spread the word!

Head over to the Daily Snapshots section and download the latest build for JSonar8. Read more

JSonar5.4 is released!

JSonar5.4 is here with the following enhancements:

  • JSonar5 will now install HSC sets automatically during installation and remove them during uninstallation.

Latest JSonar8 news

As we progress towards an official release of JSonar8, I want to update readers on the latest features and fixes found in the daily builds of this version of JSonar. Read more

JSonar7 is now available in Swedish

It feels wonderful to report that Janne Svensson from Sweden has just completed full translation of JSonar7 into Swedish language. This means that JSonar installer, all the scripts, JSonar messages, the Readme and the keyboard guide are now available in Swedish language. Read more