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In case you haven't noticed… We have been growing a collection of articles and FAQs on this site to help musicians get started with Sonar and JSonar. Please use them! or
contact us to suggest an article or FAQ of your own.

Articles on Sonar and JSonar

The following is the list of articles contributed by JSonar users.

Good news: JSonar and JAWS9 are now friends!

I have just discovered that after updating JAWS 9.0 to the latest version (9.02169), JSonar behaves very well, just like it did with JAWS 8.0. For the end-user this means that event view and track view will now track Sonar cursor correctly and there should be no lagging with screen refreshes.

If you were waiting to upgrade to JAWS 9.0, you can now do so through Freedom Scientific's web site. Happy Sonaring!

JSonar Keystrokes

This is a draft version of the JSonar Keystrokes guide, but I thought to throw it out there so JSonar users can start using it.


JSonar FAQ... Did you read it?

We finally started adding most frequently asked questions to the JSonar FAQ page.

If you never used Cakewalk Sonar before or perhaps are wondering whether to start using one, it may be a good idea to review frequently-asked questions first. If your question has not been answered yet, you can ask it by contacting us through the support page.