JSonar5.3 for Sonar 5.2 is released!

OK, you say, what's the big deal? We are now on Sonar 7.0…

Tips and Tricks

Here are some initial suggestions to help you along the way.

  • Spend some time on the JSonar's web site browsing through available documentation, FAQs and articles.
  • Press JAWSKey+H to read the JSonar hot key help!


Throughout the existence of the JSonar project many people have helped us in various ways to keep the project going: by donating money, translating scripts and documentation into other languages, contributing code, finding bugs or encouraging the project in other ways. The following list is therefore not exhaustive by any means.

What Can you Do with JSonar?

JSonar allows any visually impaired musician, whether beginner or expert, record, edit, compose and engineer musical projects with the help of Cakewalk Sonar music recording software and the JAWS screen reader.

Please explore the rest of this tutorial to find out about system requirements, feature Read more

Support for JSonar Users

There are several channels available to the new and existing JSonar users.

Search, browse and read

  • Please use the „search this site“ box at the top of this page to search through all the content on the JSonar web site.