Classic Cakewalk Tip: Using Keyboard Shortcut Presets in SONAR

In the age of mouse-all-over-the-screen interactions, there are still some of us (in fact many, I would dare say) who prefer using keyboard shortcuts to perform essential engineering tasks.

Meter / Key View

Description Shortcut
Delete meter D
Insert meter A
Meter properties C

Keyboard Edit Mode

Description Shortcut
Crop or fade left in Edit mode Num Pad -
Crop or fade right in Edit mode Num Pad +
Edit Mode Num Pad 9<font color='#C

Piano Roll View

Description Shortcut
All Tracks A
Dotted Note .
Draw Tool D
Enter a Half Note 2
Enter a Quarter Note 4
Enter a S

Keyboard Select Mode

Description Shortcut
Center Free Edit cursor Num Pad 5
Edit Mode Num Pad 9
Extend selection down Alt+Shift+Num Pad 2<font color='#CC0000