Converting and Recording MIDI into Audio

MIDI, audio, recording, converting… What are the differences between all these terms and where do they intersect? How do I convert MIDI into audio? The following article from Sonar's blog attempts to explain…

Converting and Recording MIDI into Audio – MIDI files function like sheet music.

SONAR 8.5 May Convince You To Try A 64-bit OS & Windows 7

Also, see 64-bit or not 64-bit, that is the question.

SONAR 8.5 May Convince You To Try A 64-bit OS & Windows 7 – 

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Get Exclusive Sneak Peeks at the Next Version of SONAR

Get Exclusive Sneak Peeks at the Next Version of SONAR – 

As the anticipation for the next version of SONAR continues to grow, you could be one of the first to know about it’s many new features for music creation and recording by following Cakewalk on Twitter. Read more

Classic Cakewalk Tip: Complete Guide to using Rewire with SONAR

Another fabulous tip from Cakewalk guys; this time they are talking about virtual rewiring! Read more

MIDI Explained

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol which defines a standard for generating, transmitting and storing musical performance and instrument control information. It is also a specification that sets the rules that manufacturers must follow to make MIDI work.

By the early 1980s keyboardists wanted to be able to play on one keyboard and trigger sounds on another. Read more