Music Technology Leader's Products Will Now Support Screen Reader Software: iZotope

iZotope, Inc. has announced the scheduled release of product updates to support accessibility software for the visually impaired. Available for download by the end of Q1 2010, the updates will significantly expand the information made available to accessibility software interfacing with their programs. This endeavor is closely related to iZotope's 2010 E­ducation Initiate. Read more

SONAR 8.5 May Convince You To Try A 64-bit OS & Windows 7

Also, see 64-bit or not 64-bit, that is the question.

SONAR 8.5 May Convince You To Try A 64-bit OS & Windows 7 – 

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Autogun, a universe of sounds!

Enter an amazing and unexplored sonic universe, armed only with Autogun, search 4294967296 presets for their acoustic potential.

But wait! If you listen to 1 preset, every second, 24 hours a day, it will take you over 136 years to complete this task. It’s clear you will need backup, and you have it, your fellow Autogun users. Read more