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pro-tools 8Home recording has exploded over the past decade as digital technology has given musicians more and more powerful

Sonar, watch out! Protools will be accessible soon!

I realize this is not exactly a Sonar-related news, but its significance cannot be understated either. It does appear from the article below that Protools on the Mac will become an accessible application in the near future. This means that visually impaired musicians and recording engineers from around the world will get a screen reader access to Sonar's competition on the Mac, i.e. Protools.

Cakewalk Sonar vs Protools

The subject says it all, so to speak! :) Historically, Protools has been the #1 choice for major recording studio production and, even now, many sound engineers will swear by this software. Meantime, Cakewalk Sonar has been quietly coming out of the woom and has grown to be quite an adult recording PC studio itself. Read more