Recording at home or on the go

Copyright Basics: Exclusive rights, licensing lingo, and more: Disc Maker's blog

Copyright is the subject matter that every musician should be versatile in before releasing their first recording or giving their song(s) for distribution by other media sources. It is really less about you losing the money but more about someone else taking advantage of your work without you even knowing it. Read more

Using Compressors and Limiters: Disc Maker's blog

O no, not again, please… The questions on compressors and limiters and their definitions are just as old as the sound engineering field itself is. When you read explanations about compression and limiting, they all make perfect sense. However, the minute you put your ears to work, you quickly realize things aren't as simple as they sound. Read more

Basic Tracks: Where the Magic Is Made: Disc Maker's blog

Can you remember those times when you, all fired up about your new song, spent hours and hours with Sonar's Sessi­onDrummer trying to come up with a good-sounding and adrenalin-pumping drum track? The next day, having listened to to your previous day's work, you turned away in disgust or with a feeling of despair? Read more

Home Recording: Choosing Your DAW: Disc Maker's blog

pro-tools 8Home recording has exploded over the past decade as digital technology has given musicians more and more powerful

Production Tips: Adding Weight To Kick Drums: Disc Maker's blog

To keep the discussion Sonar-related, what plug-in would we use to execute the tips below? I'll take a shot… How about LP Multi-band compressor, anyone?

Production Tips: Adding Weight To Kick Drums –