Classic Cakewalk Tip: Using Keyboard Shortcut Presets in SONAR

In the age of mouse-all-over-the-screen interactions, there are still some of us (in fact many, I would dare say) who prefer using keyboard shortcuts to perform essential engineering tasks.

All Views

Description Shortcut
Activate Zoom Tool Z (Hold)
Audiosnap Enable / Disable F12
Audition Shift+Space
Center Now Time G
Clip Mute / Unmute Q</


Description Shortcut
Add Transients To Pool Ctrl+F12
Audition Beat Ctrl+Shift+Space
Auto Stretch (Follow Tempo) Alt+F12
Clear Selection Alt+Shift+C

Track View

Description Shortcut
Add current track to quick group Shift+.

Step Record

Description Shortcut
16th Note Num Pad 6
32nd Note Num Pad 3
64th Note Num Pad 7
Add next step size to previous step size Num Pad +
Auto Advance