I Can See for Miles: The Journey of Universal/Decca Artist Raul Midon

Raul Midon is a talented performer who uses Cakewalk Sonar to drive his inspiration. There may be other things you don't know about Raul… The following article from the Cakewalk blog reveals more details about his life and artistic career.

Robin’s Riffs: How to create layered synth sounds

Robin’s Riffs: How to create layered synth sounds – Cakewalk’s Robin Kelly has put together a series of tech tips for SONAR users in a section we are calling Robin’s Riffs. Each week, we will include a new tip. This week, Robin Kelly shows you how to achieve a layered synth sound in SONAR.

Home Recording: Choosing Your DAW: Disc Maker's blog

pro-tools 8Home recording has exploded over the past decade as digital technology has given musicians more and more powerful

Converting and Recording MIDI into Audio

MIDI, audio, recording, converting… What are the differences between all these terms and where do they intersect? How do I convert MIDI into audio? The following article from Sonar's blog attempts to explain…

Converting and Recording MIDI into Audio – MIDI files function like sheet music.

Cakewalk Sonar Inside Virtual Machine, part 2

Some time ago I have published a blog entry exploring on whether it was possible to run Cakewalk Sonar Inside A Virtual Machine. Read more