How to quickly contact Cakewalk support when you need it?

Did you know that it is unbelievably easy to reach Cakewalk's techni­cal support or report a bug without remembering their web site or an E-mail address? Read more

Where Will My Money Go?

Many of our supporters ask similar questions, so it is only fair of you to ask them as well and get the answers from us. We hope the following short FAQ will provide you with some of these answers.

Loop Explorer View

Description Shortcut
Preview file Ctrl+Shift+Space
Stop preview Ctrl+Shift+Space

Event List View

Description Shortcut
Delete Event Del
Event Manager V
Filter (hide) Note events N
Filter Audio events U
Filter Channel Aftertouch Events

Markers View

Description Shortcut
Delete marker D
Insert marker A
Marker properties C
Toggle marker lock L