How to Record Music on a Windows Computer – A Free Video Guide

How to Record Music on a Windows Computer – A Free Video Guide – Recording and making music on your computer can seem overwhelming when you are just getting started. You have the musical ideas in your head but you need to get them down and into a finished song format. Read more

How to quickly uninstall JSonar on Windows 7 OS?

Oftentimes, especially when installing a new version of JSonar or reinstalling the existing one, you are advised to uninstall the old version of the software first. On Windows 7 OS the uninstallation task has become very easy with the release of JSonar 8.5.

Copyright Basics: Exclusive rights, licensing lingo, and more: Disc Maker's blog

Copyright is the subject matter that every musician should be versatile in before releasing their first recording or giving their song(s) for distribution by other media sources. It is really less about you losing the money but more about someone else taking advantage of your work without you even knowing it. Read more

Production Tips: Adding Weight To Kick Drums: Disc Maker's blog

To keep the discussion Sonar-related, what plug-in would we use to execute the tips below? I'll take a shot… How about LP Multi-band compressor, anyone?

Production Tips: Adding Weight To Kick Drums – 

Don’t Miss Press About Your Band – Use Google Alerts: Disc Maker's blog

A small update… Turns out not only Google runs their alerts, but yahoo! does too… And with many more options. The decision is yours though…

Thanks to the Disc Maker's blog I learned about this wonderful site run by Google. Well, to be more precise, this is not just a site, but a marketing powerhouse, if used correctly. Read more