SONAR 8.5 Earns Excellent Ratings in EM Review

SONAR 8.5 Earns Excellent Ratings in EM Review – Electronic Musician’s Brian Smithers highlighted just some of SONAR 8.5’s many strong suits in his latest review, stating that ”although SONAR was already a strong platform for groove manipulation, its new arpeggiator and Matrix view, along with the improved

Creating a Great Composite Vocal Recording: Disc Maker's Blog

Another wonderful piece from the Disc Maker's Blog, this time on recording vocals and the equipment/skills needed to make it work in the home studio environment.

SONAR 8.5 Goes Above & Beyond Typical Update

Update or not to update, that is the question… The answer is below. Read more

Composing Music with Sonar and JSonar with JAWS for Windows screen reader

Kelly John Sapergia has just recorded a demo of JSonar and Sonar 8.5 for the „Innovations“, The Global Voice's technology show. During the presentation, he discussed and demonstrated how to compose a music bed for a new jingle for the station. Read more

How to quickly contact Cakewalk support when you need it?

Did you know that it is unbelievably easy to reach Cakewalk's techni­cal support or report a bug without remembering their web site or an E-mail address? Read more