Accessibility-related fixes in Sonar 8.5.2 patch

The following accessibility-related fixes have been reported by Cakewalk in the latest 8.5.2 patch for Cakewalk Sonar (accompanying notes by Phil Muir and yours truly):

  • Matrix View is now more accessible:
    • Control+arrow keys move you between toolbar, „cells“ and „rows“ panes.
    • While inside the „toolbar“ pane, up and down

Composing & Arranging with SONAR 8.5

Composing & Arranging with SONAR 8.5 –

The new version of Cakewalk’s digital audio workstation, SONAR 8.5, includes a wealth of features designed to help composers create the best possible productions.

Random notes on Sonar 8.5 and accessibility

I decided to jut down some random notes on my usage of Sonar 8.5 with regards to the accessibility in no particular order. These will probably be converted into FAQs at some point.

Watch out

  • If you get strange layout problems, make sure to uncheck the „enable tabs for open views“ option under the „view“ menu.

Cakewalk Develops New Windows 7 Resource Page

We need more of that, I must admit. Shelling out $100+ for the new OS is not an easy to justify, no matter how good the promise is.