Phil Muir publishes Sonar FAQ

Phil Muir, a frequent contributor to the JSonar project, has recently published a list of frequently asked questions about Cakewalk Sonar PC recording software on his web site.

JSonar and Sonar Guides

This is a starting page for links to various guides and reference materials for JSonar and Cakewalk Sonar. In some instances these will be links to external sites, however, we will do our best to make you stay on this site.

Importing MP3 files into Cakewalk Sonar

Recently I had to perform something as simple as importing MP3 file onto an audio track in Cakewalk Sonar 8.02. Apparently, my MP3 file was not standard enough, making Sonar totally unhappy.

Closing Loop Explorer window in Sonar 8 via keyboard

In Sonar 8 it is impossible to close Loop Explorer window by simply pressing ALT+F4 as every keyboard user would expect. Luckily, however, there is a work-around for this situation – use ALT± (hyphen) to open a context menu for the child window and then choose „close“ from the menu that appears.

Please note: this issue has been fixed in Sonar 8.3.

Cakewalk Sonar Tips from Cakewalk

Thanks to one of my good friends I discovered this set of tips for Cakewalk Sonar directly off Cakewalk's web site. Cakewalk, we need more of those!