JSonar 8.5.3 is now live!

It took a bit longer than necessary, but JSonar 8.5.3 is here at last! Read more

JSonar 8.5 Beta with fixes for JAWS 13 users

Thanks to Peter Torpey's work, we are able to announce the release of the next beta version of JSonar scripts. This particular version addresses navigation issues within Sonar 8.5.3 for users of JAWS 13.x screen reader.

You can download the beta file here. Read more

Welcome JSonar 8.5.2!

Announcing the release of JSonar 8.5.2!

There is only one major change in this release: the JSonar control surface plugin has been recompiled to ensure JSonar installs correctly in Windows environments where certain Microsoft libraries are not present. Read more

JSonar 8.5 is now live!

We are happy to announce the availability of JSonar 8.5 to the world! This announcement will probably not sound all that exciting to seasoned JSonar users, but it may make the day for those who have been waiting for an official release all this time. So, rejoice!

Below we will list some of the most important updates and changes in this release.

Important JSonar and Hot Spot Clicker updates

For weeks now (no one really knows for how long) many users have been reporting strange issues when using various Hot Spot Clicker sets. The main issue was that the sets would not switch automatically when their respective plugins were loaded into Sonar.

Similarly, there have been complaints that JSonar did not accurately report VU meter values. Read more