How to Record Music on a Windows Computer – A Free Video Guide

How to Record Music on a Windows Computer – A Free Video Guide – Recording and making music on your computer can seem overwhelming when you are just getting started. You have the musical ideas in your head but you need to get them down and into a finished song format. Read more

Video: Sound On Sound’s Fast Facts on the V-Studio 20

Video: Sound On Sound’s Fast Facts on the V-Studio 20 – One of the world’s top publications for music recording and technology, Sound on Sound, visited the Cakewalk booth at Musikmesse 2010 to get a close look at the V-Studio 20. Read more

Composing & Arranging with SONAR 8.5

Composing & Arranging with SONAR 8.5 –

The new version of Cakewalk’s digital audio workstation, SONAR 8.5, includes a wealth of features designed to help composers create the best possible productions.