Contributed by Joe Kenny

There are two ways to back up a project recorded in Sonar. To clarify backing up means to save all the data within the project, audio and midi, along with all the project information, to a single file or folder which can easily be moved or archived on to your storage drive DVD FTP site etc.

First method

The first, and easyest is, from within the project, go to „Save As“ in the File menu. Once you gave your backup file a name, Tab once to the File typeS Combo box, here, select CWB (cakewalk bundle) choose the distination and press Save. Sonar will now write a new file contaning all the project data as well as all the audio tracks within the project. This process will take a while depending on the size and complexity of your project. When it is complete, there will now be a file with the extention CWB in the location you specified, this can now be opened by sonar or archived etc.

Second method

The second method is not as straight forward as the previous one. It's intention is to preserve all the wav files belonging to the project so that they can be accessed individually if need be, which is not the case when saving to a CWB file. Go to „Consolidate Project Audio“ in the Tool menu, This will bring a message up explaning that Sonar will now take a copy of every Wav file within the project and place it in a folder on your audio drive named BACKUP(your file name). Press OK on this. Once this is complete, you can close Sonar and go to the drive on which you've been recording your audio. Copy the Project's CWP file and Paste this in to the backup folder. This intire folder can now be moved archived etc. When you need to access this project again, just open it as normal with the CWP file, you might have to tell Sonar where the audio data is located, but this is quite straight forward.

NOTE: A CWP file does not contain any audio data itself, it simply contains MIDI data and project information, i.e track names volume and pann values etc. Only CWB files contain projects in there entirety.