According to the entry in Cakewalk Knowledge base titled Sonar X2 Update, there are some new accessibility-related enhancements in the latest version of this professional recording software.

Specifically, the article says:

SONAR X2’s power is now more accessible to vision impaired users.

SONAR X2’s accessibility features, including Microsoft UI Automation, expose rich information about its UI elements, such as type, state, name, and value.

With reliable access to this information, vision impaired users can use UI Automation-capable screen reader programs such as Microsoft Narrator, JAWS, NVDA and Window-Eyes to access, identify, and manipulate SONAR’s UI elements. The screen readers read aloud what's on the computer screen.

What's behind the techy explanation?

Essentially, wit the release of Sonar X2A Cakewalk developers started implementing accessibility in accordance with Windows accessibility specification called UI Automation. In a long run this should make Sonar into a software that will require minimum scripting for the JAWS screen reader. This implementation should also make Sonar work with other screen readers, like NVDA, Window-eyes and others.

So, what's now?

While the new accessibility features are very exciting, we are not there yet as far as the usability of Sonar X2 is concerned. If you are a JAWS user, It is best to stick with Sonar 8.5.3 and your version of JAWS for now.

We will be posting information on this web site as more news about accessibility features for Sonar X2 or later become available. Stay tuned!