Please follow these steps to configure JSonar for optimal performance and interoperability with the Sonar software.

  1. *** This step is essential ***
    Use Control+JAWSKey+R to start the „Setup Wizard“, which enables the Sonar JAWS control surface plugin. You need only do this once, unless JSonar complains that the surface is not installed at a later time.
  2. In order to run JSonar optimally in Sonar, it is necessary to configure Sonar toolbars in the following way. In order for some information to be read or commands to function, certain toolbars must be enabled in Sonar while others have to be disabled. The visibility of toolbars can be toggled in the Toolbars dialog under the View menu. Some toolbar names are self explanatory, but notes have been included where this is not the case.
    1. Standard (checked): „new“, „open“, „print“ etc.
    2. Loop/Auto Shuttle (checked): looping, punching, set loop to selection etc.
    3. Markers (checked): insert, delete and move between markers.
    4. Metronome (checked): , audio metronome, MIDI metronome, set metronome options etc.
    5. Position (checked): Now time etc.
    6. Record (checked): autopunch, recording options etc.
    7. Playback State (checked): mute/solo/arm/input echo for all tracks etc.
    8. Controllers/Sur­faces  (checked): control surface monitoring, ACT Learn mode etc.
    9. Select (checked): From and Through times.
    1. Sync (unchecked).
    2. Tempo (checked).
    3. Transport (checked).
    4. Transport (Large) (unchecked).
    5. View (unchecked).
    6. Automation (checked): Envelope/Offset mode etc.
    7. AudioSnap (Doesn't matter).
    8. Event Inspector (unchecked).
    9. User1 (unchecked): user configurable toolbar.
    10. User2 (unchecked): user configurable toolbar.
    11. User3 (unchecked): user-configurable toolbar.
    • Allow Wrap  (unchecked).
  3. To improve Sonar's respon­siveness with JSonar, it is absolutely necessary to turn off X-ray feature; go to Options->General and uncheck the checkbox that says"Enable X-Ray". Failure to do so can make many of your plug-ins work incorrectly.