The Digital Guy: Bruce Nazarian Delivers His State of the Industry Address – 

Despite justly being known as a digital jack-of-all-trades (aka Mr. Digital Guy), Bruce Nazarian thoroughly enjoys his vinyl collection, including many records he personally produced early in his rich and varied career. Much of his work has involved pushing the outer boundaries of creativity in the digital media realm – from pioneering achievements in direct-to-disk recording to evangelizing the potential and use of DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Currently, Bruce is serving as president of the non-profit International Digital Media Alliance (IDMA), while authoring books on DVD and Blu-ray production, teaching a new generation how to innovate with the latest technology, and traveling around the world as a consultant and speaker at conferences and tradeshows.

Blu-ray Licensing Requirements Reduced Substantially
When Bruce Nazarian’s ob­servations last graced these web pages in November 2008, the steep licensing fees associated with Blu-ray disc production were a stumbling block to more widespread acceptance. Today, thanks in part to the efforts of the IDMA, an organization that Bruce heads, fees are down across the board and are waived entirely for certain types of productions.

What is the current situation with Blu-ray licensing?
Here are the two most interesting developments about Blu-ray that directly affect the non-Hollywood creative producers out there. This includes those who in the past have dabbled with or actually produced and published on DVD, but up until a while ago found Blu-ray to be an incredibly hostile environment to try to navigate and outrageously expensive and impossible to use.

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