After installing Sonar 8.5, all users will encounter the „quick start“ dialog box.  Due to some changes in Sonar 8.5, this dialog has become less accessible for screen reader users. However, there are a couple of ways to dismiss or disable this window.

  1. Install the latest patch for Sonar 8.5, which is 8.5.3 as of this writing, and JSonar scripts will take care of the rest.
  2. Using the „regedit“ program:
    1. open up the registry and navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_U­SER\Software\Ca­kewalk Music Software\SONAR Producer\8.5].
    2. Press the tab key once to move from the treeview to the list view and down arrow to the „ShowQuickStar­t“ entry.
    3. Press the applications key, choose the „modify option, then delete the "1“ in that box and change that to a „0“ (without quotes).
    4. Close the „regedit“ program.
  3. If you absolutely must use earlier patches of Sonar 8.5, try the following:using your screen readers mouse simulation keystrokes for navigation, E.G, the Jaws cursor:
    1. Move to a screen position of 364, 519 and locate a graphic called graphic127.
    2. Double left click that graphic with your screen reader mouse keystrokes which will close the dialog.

Thanks Phil Muir for contributing this FAQ.