At the time of this writing, Clips Pane support is in its experimental phase. However, you can already use this feature for some simple tasks, as follows:

  • From inside track or bus pane, use INSERT+CONTROL+DOW­NARROW to move to clips pane and ESCAPE to get back to previous Pane. You will get an error message if either no clips pane found or no clips exist.
  • Once inside clips pane, use left and right arrows to move between available clips. JSonar will report the name of a currently-focused clip as it is seen on the screen. If you do not hear the full name of the clip, exit clips pane with ESCAPE key and zoom the track view horyzontally with CTRL+Left or CTRL+Right keys.
  • Use left mouse click to select a clip and right mouse click to access its properties. JSonar will attempt to report if the current clip is selected.
  • Use left mouse doubleclick to open the current clip inside a Loop Construction View.

Please note: after the clip is muted JAWS fails to see the clip on the screen, so use this feature with caution.


  • To unmute all clips
    • Select them with CTRL+A,
    • Press ALT+ENTER to open clip properties,
    • Tab to the checkbox that says „Clip Mute“ and make sure it is unchecked,
    • Press OK to confirm. Your clips should now reappear in the clips pane.
  • To play a currently-selected clip, press SHIFT+SPACE.
  • … More to come …