Since most of the functions of the Loop Construction view can be manipulated through Cakewalk Sonar's toolbar, JSonar provides a very simple and intuitive interface for using these features.

As soon as the Loop Construction view opens, JSonar places the focus on the toolbar with all the related functions. In fact, the Loop Construction toolbar is split into two toolbars. The following is a quick step-by-step scenario that will give you enough information to get started with the Loop Construction view.

  • Before you can operate on any of the loops, clips or chunks of data, you have to select them. It is best to perform this kind of selection either from the clips pane (if you operate with clips), or from the track view (use „from“ and „through“ selection shortcuts).
  • Use ALT+2 shortcut key to open Loop Construction view or open it via the „View“ menu.
  • Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between Loop Construction controls; use SPACE bar to activate combo boxes, check boxes and buttons.
  • Use TAB and SHIFT+TAB to switch between Loop Construction toolbars; yes, there are two of them.
  • Take some time to explore all available controls and try to understand what they mean. Once you get familiar with what these controls do, Loop Construction view will become a breeze to use.

Please note: see How do I use Clips Pane with JSonar FAQ for more information on how to select clips.