The instructions below should work for both Media Browser in Sonar 8.5 and Loop Explorer in earlier versions of Sonar.

As of this writing, the following keystrokes are available in the latest builds of JSonar8.

  • Use the TAB key to navigate between the tree of folders and the list of loops.
  • When in the list of loops, up and down arrows navigate between the loops in a particular folder.
  • Press Shift+Enter to play and stop the loop under the cursor.
  • Press the Enter key to place the loop under the cursor on the track at the current time position.
  • Press Insert+PageDown to read the properties of the loop under the cursor.
  • Press Insert+Shift+F8 to open the Media Browser-specific toolbar where you can insert/delete software synthesizers for playing MIDI loops, enable autoplay feature, change the properties for the output device etc.

Please remember that all of the JSonar „looping“ and „selecting“ shortcut keys will continue to work inside Media Browser or Loop Explorer.