Where do I find „metronome options“ functions in JSonar7?

A. Starting from JSonar7 „Metronome Options“ are located under the „Utilities“ menu, accessed by pressing Control+Shift+F12.

How do I go about toggling various metronome functions with JSonar?

A. There are several ways to do this depending on which version of JSonar you are using.

  • A more generic way to toggle metronome functions of Sonar are through the „Metronome“ toolbar:
    1. Open View->Toolbars menu and make sure that your „Metronome“ toolbar is checked.
    2. Press INSERT+F8 and select „Metronome“ toolbar from the list of toolbars that JSonar presents.
    3. Use Left and RIGHT arrows to navigate the toolbar, SPACE BAR and ENTER to toggle various metronome features.
  • You can also change various metronome settings by going to options->Project->metronome options found in Cakewalk Sonar menus.
  • In the latest versions of JSonar6 and JSonar7:
    1. Press Control+Shift+F12 to open „Utilities“ menu.
    2. Choose „Metronome Options“ from the list.
    3. Use UP and DOWN arrows to navigate through the hyperlinks; use ENTER to toggle metronome options.
    4. Press ESCAPE key to return to your project.