V-Vocal is a plug-in built into Cakewalk Sonar software that provides various pitch-correction techniques for improving the quality of the sound material. Please note that Hot Spot Clicker set for V-vocal is required in order to be able to use this plug-in with JSonar.

The following answers address some of the most commonly-asked questions about this plug-in from the users. This compilation of questions and answers is a courtesy of Phil Muir, author of many Hot Spot Clicker sets that power plug-in support in JSonar.

V-Vocal Questions and Answers

Q: When you are on the first tab sheet, Pitch Correction, it seems logical that pitches will be adjusted towards a scale. Why do I need to click the Scale button none the less? In other words: what is the function of the Scale button in the Pitch tab?

A: you still need to tell V-Vocal which scale your using other wise, V-Vocal doesn't have a clue which note range your working within.

Q: If I just want one single note to be corrected, is it enough to specify the root note for the scale, without selecting major or minor?

A: it's always best to select major or, minor. Having said that, major is selected by default.

Q: If a note has been pitched correctly already, and I would like to add vibrato to it, then a few things I don't understand yet. Should I first straighten it out, so that its frequency sounds as straight as a piano, and then adding vibrato to that, or can I simply add vibrato to the original note, even if there are slight natural frequency changes in it already? And most importantly, how do I add vibrato with key strokes?

A: you will have to experiment with this and post back your findings.