How do I list all the effects on a track or a bus or move to the effect bin?

You can find the list of effects on a track or a bus by pressing Control+Shift+F. Press Control+Shift+F twice quickly to move to the effect bin.

I press Control+Shift+F twice to move to the effect bin but I am told „field not found“, why?

You get this message because you are most likely located on a track tab that does not isplay effect bin. Switch to the „all“ track tab with Shift+left or Shift+right arrow and try again.

I am now on the „all“ track tab, but Control+Shift+F twice still does not move to the effect bin or moves me to a wrong track or bus, why?

This infrequent behavior happens because JSonar is not sure which track or bus you are located on. Try one of the following approaches to make JSonar happy:

  • Press „`“ (grave accent key, right above the TAB key) to route JAWS cursor to the current track. or
  • Press Up and Down arrows several times until JSonar finds the current track. Use previous step to see if JSonar has located your current track and try moving to effect bin again.

How do I insert effects with JSonar?

We mostly recommend inserting software synthesizers through insert->Soft Synths menu; otherwise, you can do the following:

  • Press Control+Shift+F twice to move to the effect bin.
  • Press APPLICATIONS key (the key to the left of the right control key) to open a context menu.
  • Choose „audio effects“ or „software synthesizers“ option; choose the plug-in of your choice and press ENTER.