Here are some instructions that may guide you when using Track/bus Inspector in Cakewalk Sonar:

  • Switch to Track/bus Inspector by pressing letter I (in Sonar 8.5.3 and later) or by using the TAB key in prior versions of Sonar.
  • Inside track/bus inspector, Press enter on module options and make sure that EQ and Plot options are checked.
  • Go to display, press ENTER key and uncheck everything except FX, EQ and Plot options.
  • When arrowing through the controls, you will see 1 EQ band at a time; use left and right brackets to move between four available bands. Please note that the parameters below will apply to a currently-selected band only.
  • If you have loaded more than one effect on the track or bus, left and right arrows will switch between them when the name of the effect is in focus.