Sonar 8.5 introduced a new default track template (a template that opens with every new project by default) which incorporates the layout consisting of Track View, Media Browser and Synthrack View opened at the same time. Additionally, this layout enables „tabbing for opened views“ feature which interferes with screen readers and JSonar in particular.

Quick Fix

To quickly fix the situation, simply do the following:

  1. Make sure the new project/template is open.
  2. Go to the „View->Enable Tabbing for Open Views“ option and make sure it is unchecked. Unfortunately, you will have to perform the two steps above every time you launch Sonar.

Alternatively, choosing „default layout“ from the „view->layouts“ menu fixes this problem for a particular session.

Permanent Fix

Another way to resolve this issue is by turning off the „enable tabbing for opened views“ option under the „view“ menu, closing all the unwanted views and then saving the resulting view as a „normal“ template.

  1. Uncheck the „enable tabbing for opened views“ option under the „view“ menu.
  2. Close all the unwanted windows, eg Synthrack View, Media Browser etc. You can also leave them on if that' what you want.
  3. Perform any other cosmetic changes to the resulting view that you'd like to appear by default in every new project.
  4. Choose „File->Save As“ and browse to the folder where your sample content is located, usually under „my documents->cakewalk->[sonar version]->sample content“.
  5. Tab to the „file type“ combo box and choose „cakewalk template“.
  6. In the „file name“ edit field type „normal.cwt“ (without quotes) and press ENTER to save the template.

From now on, every time you open a new project, the template you just saved will open.