For reasons beyond our control, JSonar control surface may not always install correctly. It is, however, very much needed for proper operation of the JSonar scripts.

How do I know that the JSonar control surface is not installed?

Some of the synptoms are:

  • JSonar constantly prompts you to run the „runtime set up wizard“.
  • When inside the project, JSonar claims that „there are 0 strips“.
  • When you check the status of muted, soloed or armed strips, JSonar does not say anything or provides eronious information.

How do I install JSonar control surface manually?

Here are the approaches to reinstall the JSonar control surface without having to reinstall the whole JSonar package:

Method 1

  • Rerun the „runtime set up wizard“ by pressing Control+Insert+R.

Method 2

  1. Go to the „Options->Control Surfaces“ menu.
  2. Tab to the list of surfaces and check if it is empty.
  3. Tab to the button that says „a“ (which means „add“) and press ENTER.
  4. From the combo box that comes up choose „JSonar Control Surface“.
  5. Tab to the next „input“ combo box and make sure that it is set to „none“.
  6. Tab again to the „output“ combo box and make sure it is also set to „none“.
  7. Tab to the „OK“ button and make sure that the „JSonar Control Surface“ now appears in the list of surfaces.
  8. Tab to the „Close“ button to exit this dialog box.