JSonar, currently lead by Victor Tsaran, is a community-driven project that enables blind and visually impaired musicians, recording engineers and educators to use Cakewalk Sonar, a professional multi-track recording software for Windows operating system from Cakewalk. Currently, this initiative is supported through the scripts for the JAWS screen reader.

With JSonar scripts for JAWS screen reader, users can:

  • Record, play, compose, mix and master their music.
  • Use many of the built-in features of Cakewalk Sonar, including software synthesizers and plug-ins.
  • Realize their dream of making music on their own.
  • Earn their living by doing what they love!

JSonar scripts for JAWS screen reader have been translated into several languages making the „dream“ possible for many visually impaired musicians around the world.

For more information about JSonar, please consult articles, guides, FAQs and other materials on this site.