Revision History

The following is a summary of the changes in each revision. Note that there are most certainly other minor, less noteworthy changes, fixes, etc. not included here for brevity.

Key: new = new feature, bug = bug fix or work around, change = change in functionality.


  • New: completely reworked JSonar Braille support. Please see “JSonar Braille Support” section in the JSonar tutorial or the Readme for more details.
  • New: added Dutch and German languages to JSonar (thanks to Paul Erkens and Marco Zehe respectively).
  • New: Added JSonar7 Keystroke Guide and Sonar Keystroke Guide files; also shortcuts to the JSonar start menu group.
  • New: modified KeyPressedEvent to call AnnounceMulti­pleStripStatus when the Slash key is pressed because we should really be announcing multiple strips in case if more than one are selected.
  • New: changed the initial value to TRUE for the following verbosity options:
    • Automatically read markers.
    • Announce descriptive times.
    • Speak values while jogging.
    • Speak single event while playing.

    Also, changed defaults for the cursor movement units, as follows:
    • Small increment/decre­ment: 10 ticks.
    • Medium increment/decre­ment: 3 frames.
    • Large increment/decre­ment: 1 second.
  • Bug: Fixed an outstanding bug where a virtual viewer window would continue hanging around after the “Send Summary” dialog was closed.
  • Bug: Fixed an outstanding bug where SayConnectedStrips (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C) script would not speak any message if no connected tracks or buses were found.
  • New: – Implemented reading of toolbar controls that do not have accessible names. If JSonar encounters such a control, we will try to read the tooltip off Sonar's status bar.
  • New: Added a new feature whereby if the SayMarker shortcut key (Control+Shift+F11) is pressed twice, JSonar will place the user into the combo box that lists markers in a current project. The user can select the marker to go to and press ENTER to return focus to the project. (Thanks Victor Gorelove for the idea).
  • New: improvements to various context-sensitive help screens.
  • New: JSonar will now notify the user if the “accessibility mode” registry key is not enabled and/or the control surface is not installed.
  • New: JSonar will now check if HSC is installed and, if yes, will attempt to automatically import all default HSC presets.
  • But: Fixed a bug where HSC window title switching would not be enabled during the Runtime Setup Wizard.
  • Bug: fixed a bug where JSonar would sometimes incorrectly identify track pane as bus pane when opening a new project.
  • New: Added a new verbosity setting called „Use Braille“. This allows the user to turn on or off Braille support. It may be necessary to turn Braille off when working with large projects because Braille API slows JAWS an Sonar down.
  • Bug: Fixed tracking issue when selecting a track from the Braille display.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where pressing routing buttons while in Time Display mode would trigger strip parameters.
  • New: Added a feature where the user can switch from Strip Display mode to Time Display mode and vice versa by pressing the first routing button on the display.
  • New: Added a new feature to the braille strip as follows:
    minus followed by plus followed by letter b or m (b for bars, m for markers). Minus and plus allow the user to jump to previous or next unit while the project is playing (by pressing routing buttons above those signs); the navigation unit is defined by either „b“ for bars or „m“ for markers; press the routing button above this letter to toggle between b and m.
  • New: – Added a new notification to the braille strip right after the Play/record cells. The new notification is marked as „se“ which stands for „start“ and „end“. Pressing routing buttons above these letters will jump the user either to the beginning of end of the project. When the user is at the start of the project, the letter „s“ will turn into uppercase „S“. To do: to figure out if there is a way to do the same for the „end“ marker.
  • Bug: Fixed *AllTracks functions not to speak when no projects are open and/or when playback toolbar is not active.
  • Bug: Fixed Braille module to make sure that the braille strip is updated accordingly when the project is not playing and the user switches between strip and time displays.
  • New: Enhanced Braille module in the following ways:
    • Strip type (audio, midi or bus) is now displayed right before the strip number as it was originally designed.
    • Track selection indicator will appear right below the track type, denoted by dot 7.
    • „Strip display“ mode is now indicated by letters „ST“; „Time display“ mode is indicated by letters „TI“.
    • If no view is active, JSonar will kick back to JAWS' default behavior when displaying Braille; the same applies to dialogs and menus.


  • New: completely refactored JSonar installer to support multiple languages
  • New: introduced Russian language support for both the installer and JSonar scripts (thanks to Victor Gorelov).
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in Braille module where JSonar would ignore menus and continue showing track information on the Braille display; presently, when the menu is pulled down, JSonar will switch to menu mode and display menus correctly.
  • New: Introduced a new „Help mode“ whereby the user will be given short help messages as they navigate strips in track or bus panes. Currently, this feature is turned on by default, use „Speak Help Messages“ verbosity settings to turn it off.
  • New: introduced a new feature whereby bus pane and track inspector will be hidden automatically as soon as the user leaves them – improves accessibility and saves on a number of keystrokes the user has to perform to achieve the same effect. This behavior can be toggled from the Verbosity Settings dialog box; setting: Automatically hide bus pane and track inspector.
  • New: Added a feature to warn the user if Large Transport toolbar is enabled.
  • New: Introduced a new „JSonar Utilities“ module which will provide access to Sonar functions that are not easily accessible via keyboard, i.e. widget tab manager, Metronome Options etc. In other words, this module is intended to enhance usability of JSonar. This module is attached to the CTRL+SHIFT+F12 keystroke.
  • Change: JSonar now speaks the status of transport in plug-in windows when pressing SPACE bar. Previously, „playing“ and „stop“ messages were spoken in track view only. Note: the „Announce Transport Messages“ setting is still honored.
  • Bug: Fixed a long-standing bug of reporting the new bar whenever navigating by beat would cross measure boundaries. Previously, the feature would work correctly only if the meter was set to 4/4. this fix elliminates this restriction.
  • Change and New: Changed the behavior of the SpeakSendSummary script in the following way:
    • Upon a single press of a Control+Shift+S, the send summary will be spoken as before.
    • Upon a doublepress of a keystroke, send summary is displayed in the virtual buffer by default; every send becomes a link
    • The user can now toggle the state of a send by pressing SPACE or ENTER key on a link associated with a particular send.
  • New: When the PAUSE key is pressed, Sonar 7 switches between CPU Conservation Mode and CPU Normal Mode; JSonar will now speak these changes. The current mode will also be reflected when reading status bar (INSERT+PAGEDOWN twice or thrice).
  • New: Updated Control Surface Monitoring mode (still experimental):
    • When using Tranzport surface, JSonar will not speak control surface status field, but it will on all other surfaces.
    • When navigating between tracks, JSonar will also speak, empty/Has data, mute, solo and arm status of the track; the values will be spoken only if they are on.
    • JSonar will also speak track name when muting, soloing or arming from the surface.
  • New: Improved behavior of the SayConnectedStrips (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C) which will now report whether the connected send is enabled or disabled.
  • New: – Modified scripts and functions such as SayMarker, NextMarker, PriorMarker, GetTime and isToolbarControl­Checked to provide proper feedback when in plug-in windows. Previously, JSonar would only say "please enable xxx toolbar. While toolbar windows are obscured by other windows on the screen, some vital information such as selection times and time positions is still visible. Thanks to this change, all selection, position, marker and ACTLearn functions should speak in plug-in windows as well.
  • New: Made changes to FindStripWindow function so that it will now try to search for track folder windows as well. Once located, the user can perform CTRL+Numpad* to perform additional folder-related operations. The user can also select the folder by pressing CTRL+Comma. Please note: the old Sonar bug is still there, i.e. folders are reported only when arrowing up and not down.
  • New: Introduced a new script that allows toggling Dim Solo Mode; shortcut is ALT+SLASH.
  • New: Removed SayKeyBinding script since JSonar now announces these automatically as the user moves through the list of key bindings.
  • New: added support for Step Sequencer including speaking of field values, navigation between „notes“ and „controller“ panes as well as the Step Sequencer toolbar (use CTRL+arrow keys to navigate).
  • New: added support for JAWS 9.0 verbosity enhancements
  • Bug: fixed a bug where F6 would not switch from preset toolbar to the plug-in window in FX view
  • New: implemented a functionality whereby pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F6 (SayNow) twice will jump the user to the „now“ time edit field for further entry, e.g. you can now enter the time in seconds, minutes and hours.
  • New: added CTRL+F2 keystroke to open meter display menu. This may be useful, for example, to disable displaying of continuous meters.
  • Change: changed behavior of ArmAllTracks, MuteAllTracks, SoloAllTracks, InputEchoAllTracks and ArchiveAllTracks scripts in the following way:
    • if there are either muted, soloed or armed strips, respective scripts will work as they did before, i.e. the state of tracks will be toggled.
    • if there are no muted, soloed or armed strips, respective scripts will inform the user about this fact; in order to force the toggle at this point, the user simply presses respective keystroke twice, e.g. alt+shift+/ to solo all tracks.
  • New: added improved Hot Spot Clicker sets for most Sonar's built-in plugins.
  • Bug: fixed installer to prevent copying of extraneous folders together with JSonar scripts
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where „Speak Event Cell When Playing Single Event“ feature did not work as expected.
  • Change: Changed the way jog keystrokes speak. Instead of always speaking by measure/beat, they will now speak based on the unit of choice, e.g. if the keys move in seconds or frames, then the time will be announced in hours, minutes, seconds; otherwise, the time will be announced in measures/beats.
  • New: Updated RuntimeSetupWizard script to test whether this is the first time the user ran the wizard and, if yes, to perform the following:
    • enable autoswitching of HSC presets based on the window name.
    • import all presets that have not been previously imported.


  • New: much of the code was revised to support Sonar 6.2 since the interface of the application has changed.
  • New: introducing support for the entire suite of Sonitus effect plug-ins provided through Hot Spot Clicker application (written by Jim Snowbarger).
    Thanks to Phil Muir for putting together these Hot Spot Clicker sets.
  • New: Added Cakewalk Layout for JSonar (thanks to Phil Muir); by default, it will be copied to the folder where all your Sonar layout files reside. You can use this layout if you find the navigation in Sonar's track view to be unreliable or flaky. To load this layout, simply open view->layouts menu in Sonar and choose „JSonar Window Layout“.
  • New: added a new feature that allows to monitor meter clipping by playing a sound in the respective channel.
  • Change: Updated SayConnectedStrips script (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C) to respect SayStripInfo verbosity settings, i.e. if the user-defined setting is to announce strips by name only, then only names of connected strips will be announced.
  • New: the Meter Tool can now be accessed by pressing CTRL+F2 shortcut key; Meter Tool allows you to toggle display of various meters.
  • Bug: Don't try to speak strip fields or strip info when there are no strips. We have to check the strip count ourselves because Sonar doesn't blank the cwaccess window like it should.
  • FX bin improvements in the Track/bus Inspector:
    • Bug: fixed bug whereby effect names would not read if you landed on the FX bin with the left arrow in track and bus panes.
    • New: Added the ability to read effect names in the track inspector. Note that you will be placed on the left most effect whenever you arrow over the FX bin, as there is no other way of determining the currently focused effect. Also, switching to astrip of a different type using the strip selector context menu will cause the effect names to be reported incorrectly.
  • New: enabled speaking of Split and Select tools in the „track view“ toolbar, activated by letters C and T respectively.
  • New: improved navigation and reading of various parameters in synthrack view:
    • Fixed Synthrack view so that it now correctly speaks synth name, number and connection status as user navigates through the synths.
    • Fixed SayLine in Synthrack view so that it now correctly announces synth name, number and mute/solo status.
    • The M and S keys for muting/unmuting and soloing/unsoloing synths in synthrack view now work correctly as they used to in previous versions of JSonar.
  • New: added support for track layers as follows:
    1. To find the number of layers on a given track, press alt+windows+l; be careful with this keystroke as windows+l logs you out of Windows.
    2. To say the numbers of muted layers on a given track, press CTRL+WINDOWS+AL­T+PERIOD.
    3. To say the numbers of soloed layers on a given track, press CTRL+WINDOWS+AL­T+SLASH.
    4. To mute a layer or a range of layers for a given track, press WINDOWS+ALT+PERIOD, then type in the single number or a range. This function works in a similar fashion to muting strip ranges.
    5. To solo a layer or a range of layers for a given track, press WINDOWS+ALT+SLASH, then type in the single number or a range. This function works in a similar fashion to soloing strip ranges.
    6. To unmute a layer or a range of layers for a given track, press SHIFT+WINDOWS+AL­T+PERIOD, then type in the single number or a range. This function works in a similar fashion to unmuting strip ranges.
    7. To unsolo a layer or a range of layers for a given track, press SHIFT+WINDOWS+AL­T+SLASH, then type in the single number or a range. This function works in a similar fashion to unsoloing strip ranges.
  • New: added a script to report whether bus pane is displayed or hidden (shortcut SHIFT+B). Hiding bus pane apparently helps to avoid many of the „strip not found“ messages.
  • New: introduced verbosity option „Speak VU Meters by“ with the following choices: „channel and value“ and „value only“. For stereo meters JSonar will announce channels as „left“ and „right“ if SpeakVUMeters option is set to „channel and value“.
  • New: introduced support for Interpolate dialogs, also known as Event Filter Search and Replace feature of Sonar. Most of controls should make sense when navigating with a TAB or SHIFT+TAB keys.
  • New: Attached helpful hints to the „window not found“ messages which are produced when certain toolbars are not enabled by the user. For example, if „select“ toolbar is not enabled, the user will receive a message asking to enable „select“ toolbar when they hit F9 or F10 keys.
  • New: Extended the functionality of the Synthrack view in that that it now works similarly to the track view, i.e.:
    • Synth name and synth number (configurable from the verbosity menu) will be spoken when arrowing up and down.
    • Current view, synth name and current field will be spoken when INSERT+TAB is pressed.
    • Synth number and synth name will be spoken when SayLine (INSERT+UPArrow) is used.
  • New: Updated the surface DLL to allow JSonar4 and JSonar6 to happily coexist on the same system.
  • Bug: Fixed SayStripsInQu­ickGroup; previously, JSonar would miss the last strip number in quick group.
  • New: Implemented work-around to avoid speaking of graphics when navigating between markers with CTRL+SHIFT+PGUP and CTRL+SHIFT+PGDN.
  • Change: improved „control surface monitoring“ mode. It is now possible to:
    • hear marker names when navigating by markers through the surface.
    • hear measure and beat when turning data wheel on the control surface.
    • hear the name of the track as the arm, mute or solo buttons are pressed on the control surface.
  • New: introduced a feature that allows searching through strip names by typing partial or full keywords; to use the feature, press ALT+WINDOWS+G and type a search term.
  • New: Introduced the JAWSKey+Shift+A shor­tcut to toggle ACT Learn Mode.
  • New: introduced „clipping meter monitor“ that allows to monitor a particular strip for clipping meter values.
    • To set the strip for monitoring, press CTRL+WINDOWS+M twice, then continue working with the project. If meter starts clipping on the monitored strip, JSonar will announce that „strip x is clipping“.
    • To turn off „meter clipping monitor“, move to the monitored strip and press CTRL+WINDOWS+M twice.
  • New: introduced a feature that allows monitoring of multi-channel VU meters for a given strip (track or bus); press CTRL+WINDOWS+M to read the meters.
  • New: introduced functionality that allows toggling ranges of strips (tracks or buses). To use the feature:
    1. Press one of the shortcut keys below depending on what you want to do.
    2. For single strips, type in the strip number and press ENTER; for contiguous ranges, i.e. 1 through 5, type 1–5; for noncontiguous ranges, i.e. 1, 3, 5, 19 type strip numbers separated by spaces.

    Shortcut keys are as follows:
    • To solo/unsolo – Windows+/ and Windows+Shift+/ respectively.
    • To mute/unmute – Windows+. and Windows+Shift+. respectively.
    • To arm/unarm – Windows+; and Windows+shift+; respectively.
    • To archive/unarchive – Windows+` and Windows+Shift+` respectively.
  • New: introduced a feature to announce empty tracks as well as tracks with data; default keystroke is CTRL+Shift+D.
  • Change: Removed Track Inspector scripts that used to toggle inspector tabs in previous versions of Sonar as track inspector's in­terface for Sonar 6 has changed.
  • Change: Changed the behavior of an ALT+M, assigned to SayMeterPeak, to bypass the keystroke to an application if we are not in track or bus pane. This shortcut is sometimes used in Cakewalk FX plug-ins and perhaps in others as well.
  • New: due to the accessibility enhancements in Sonar 6, JSonar now provides better access to the synthrack view than ever before; spoken feedback will be provided as you move around synthrack window with arrow keys.
  • New: Introduced a quick work-around to speak whether a particular synth is connected/dis­connected; this info will be spoken in a synthrack view when SayLine keystroke is pressed.
  • New: Introduced support for Sonar's Surround Panner; all the keystrokes and the feel are exactly like in the track/bus inspector; screen sensitive help is also provided, accessed through INSERT+F1.
  • New: Introduced a new function to toggle the state of the Interleave field; the keystroke is CTRL+SHIFT+L; when pressed twice, will toggle interleave from mono to stereo.
  • New: Introduced the following functions:
    1. CTRL+. (Period) twice moves to the next strip and mutes/unmutes it.
    2. CTRL+/ (Slash) twice moves to the next strip and soloes/unsoloes it.
    3. CTRL+; (Semicolon) twice moves to the next strip and arms/unarms it.
    4. CTRL+' (Apostrophe) twice moves to the next strip and toggles its Input Echo.
  • Change: Removed color recognition from the „runtime setup wizard“ as we no longer use colors for track selection; updated related messages.
  • New: Inserted a help message about „runtime setup wizard“ if the user presses CTRL+INSERT+R but no projects are opened.
  • New: Added scripts to support manipulation of archived tracks, as follows:
    1. Archive/unarchive Current Track: control+grave­accent;
    2. Archive/unarchive all tracks: alt+shift+gra­veaccent;
    3. Speak which tracks are archived: control+shift+gra­veaccent.
    Also, the status of archive field is announced during the SayLine (INSERT+UpArrow).
  • New: Added the message to speak the current tab when track pane or bus pane get the focus.
  • New: Introduced new functionality that lists tracks or buses connected to a bus under the cursor. Script SayConnectedStrip (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C) will speak whether a track or a bus are connected through sends or through output. If this keystrokes is pressed twice, the information will be inserted into a virtual buffer.
  • New: Introduced a feature to speak time while jogging; also added verbosity to toggle announcement on and off.
  • New: Added Braille support for JSonar.
    Braille display currently shows the following information:
    1. track type (MIDI, audio, bus);
    2. track number (press routing button above the number to display strip name);
    3. whether track contains data or is an empty track (hyphen indicates that track has data, empty cell indicates that the track is empty);
    4. mute/solo/arm/in­putEcho. The status of any of these can be toggled by pressing routing button right above the letter that represents the field. The only exception is the track selection, i.e. to toggle track selection press routing button right above the track type letter.
    b stands for bus, m for mute, s for solo, r for arm, e for input echo. If the field is on, i.e. muted or soloed, then dot 7 is added to the letter; otherwise, just the letter is displayed.
  • New: Introduced functionality to scroll through the tracks/buses with whiz wheels (only tested with Focus displays).
  • New: Added Control+Appli­cations keystroke for the AccessContextMenus script in addition to Control+Numpad_Star.
  • New: Introduced new feature where if the user steps through the song beat-by-beat (Shift+PageUp or Shift+PageDown), the behavior will be as follows:
    • if the user is on beat 4 and hits Shift+PageDown to go to the first beat of the next measure, the measure number and the beat will be announced;
    • if the user is on beat 1 and hits Shift+PageUp to go to the last beat of the previous measure, the measure number and the beat will be announced.
  • New: Improved color search for the track tabs (thanks to Sean Farrow).
  • New: Added help message for the MoveToTrackIn­spector script to let users know that letter „i“ toggles track inspector pane on and off.
  • Bug: Corrected the long-standing bug of JSonar not announcing certain controls, such as page tabs, when in a dialog box, when left and right arrow keys are used.
  • New: Introduced support for speaking accessibility-enabled fields in plug-in windows, such as „save preset“, „decrement preset“, „increment preset“ etc. Note, this has been introduced in Sonar 6.2 and will not work with earlier Sonar 6 patches.
  • New: Added screen-sensitive help (INSERT+F1) for synthrack view.
  • Bug: Improved MoveStripDown and MoveStripUp scripts to work more reliably (thanks to Roy Shtupler).


  • bug: An issue that was causing some systems to crash intermittently when dialogs were displayed has been resolved.
  • change/bug: Say peak meter (Alt+M) has been reverted to the previous behavior; i.e. pressing once announces the meter peak and twice resets the meters. Control+Alt+M is now used to go to the time where the meter peak occurred. This allows the meters to be reset without moving the now time.
  • new: Implemented working support for Cakewalk FX effects: Reverb, Eq, Dynamics Processor, Chorus, Delay, Compressor, Limiter, Expander and Flanger.
  • new: Commands such as say selected tracks that report a list of strip numbers now combine contiguous ranges of numbers; e.g. 1 through 5.
  • new: The behavior of the command to select/unselect a track without affecting others (Control+Comma) has changed. If it is pressed once, it will select/unselect the current track as normal. However, on subsequent presses in quick succession, it moves to the next track before changing the selection. For example, if tracks 1 to 3 are unselected and you are positioned on track 1, pressing Control+Comma thrice quickly will select tracks 1 to 3.
  • new: Alt+Shift+Space now plays or stops audio. This is useful in effect/synth windows, where Space activates buttons rather than the normal Sonar behavior
  • bug: Space no longer says „Playing“ or „Stopped“ when pressed in edit fields in effect/synth windows.
  • new: Tracks and buses can now be moved down and up one position using Backslash and Shift+Backslash, respectively. Note that at least two tracks/buses must be able to fit on the screen in order for this to work. This functionality is currently not 100% reliable. We hope to have a fix in a future release. Also, one must press the Number key on a U.K. keyboard instead of the backslash key.
  • new: JSonar now automatically reports if view-specific toolbars exist for a view which is currently in focus.
  • new: Introduced support for Loop Explorer view.
  • change: Say word (JAWSKey+Numpad5) speaks the current field in track and event views. In event view, say character (Numpad5) only speaks the field value; i.e. it does not speak the header.
  • bug: JSonar no longer causes the „on stop, rewind to now marker“ setting to be ignored in Event View when play/stop (Space) is pressed.
  • new: We have replaced the Sonar JAWS control surface plugin with our own control surface plugin. This allows us to implement new features that we could not implement with the previous plugin.
  • new: Added next and previous beat commands (Shift+PageDown and Shift+PageUp, respectively).
  • new: Added cursor movement commands; Control+J and Control+K move backward and forward by a small unit, Control+Shift+J and Control+Shift+K mo­ve backward and forward by a medium unit and Control+Window­s+Shift+J and Control+Window­s+Shift+K move backward and forward by a large unit, respectively. To configure these units, press Control+JAWSKey+M. To enable scrubbing, press Control+B, keep holding Control and use the cursor movement keys. When finished, release the Control key.


  • New: a lot of the code has been reworked to provide better stability in status announcements, thanks to the control surface plugin written by an author who decided to remain anonymous.
  • New: color recognition and control surface setup have merged into a single wizard, called „Setup Wizard“; use JAWSKey+CTRL+R to run it.
  • New: JSonar commands for manipulating and announcing parameters for tracks, as well as the previously named go to track command, now work for buses as well where appropriate.
  • New: The enter and escape keys now function appropriately for controls on the control surfaces toolbar.
  • New: A work around has been implemented for the bug whereby Sonar focuses on the track pane instead of the bus pane when closing a bus pane effect window. When this happened, a single press of shift+down would not return to the bus pane and the user had to press shift+down, shift+up, shift+down. JSonar will now set focus to the bus pane where appropriate.
  • New: Pressing Control+Alt+G allows the user to jump to a strip by selecting its name from a list.
  • New: When the control surface monitoring mode is enabled, track names, numbers and status, as well as markers, are spoken as the user navigates on a control surface. Note that using both the PC keyboard and control surface while this mode is enabled may be too verbose. There is no way for JSonar to work around this issue.
  • Change: Removed all settings not absolutely necessary for the operation of JSonar from the JAWS configuration file (jcf). This includes the graphics mode and verbosity settings. These will now be inherited from the default JAWS settings unless explicitly configured for JSonar using the configuration manager.
  • Change: Control+Shift+F5 now speaks the time in measure/beat/tick format and Control+Shift+F6 speaks the time in hours/minutes/se­conds/frames format. These keys have been reversed from previous versions to be more intuitive; f5 allows the user to move to a given time in measure/beat/tick format.
  • Change: Set punch to selection and set loop to selection have been remapped to Alt+Shift+Lef­tBracket and Alt+Shift+Rig­htBracket, respectively. This was done to maintain consistency for say input echoed tracks (below).
  • New: Control+Shift+A­postrophe now speaks tracks with input echo enabled, similar to say armed tracks, etc.
  • Bug: The status reporting for the sends button in track inspector has been corrected.
  • Change: The old „Announce Tracks By“ verbosity setting has been renamed to „Announce Strips By“ because it is relevant to both track and bus strips.
  • Bug: The strip name will no longer be spoken twice if the „Announce Strips By“ setting includes strip names and the user is focused on the strip name field.
  • Bug: The project and effect/synth name will now be spoken correctly when entering FX windows!
  • New: Control+Shift+C now moves to the Channel field in track view.
  • New: JSonar can now announce the track kind (midi or audio) and data status (track contains data or is empty). This can be configured through the „Announce Track Info“ setting in the JAWS verbosity dialog.
  • New: names of effects on audio tracks and buses are now reported when the user arrows through the FX Bin. This is not possible for midi tracks due to a limitation of Sonar.
  • New: Move to FX bin (Control+Shift+F) now functions reliably. Also, list strip fields (Control+Shift+L) now lists and moves to effect names correctly.
  • Bug: Move To Tempo Ratio 1, Move To Tempo Ratio 2 and Move To Tempo Ratio 3 functionality has been restored; it has been broken for ages.
  • Change: Move To Tempo Ratio functions are now mapped to Alt+Shift+1, Alt+Shift+2 and Alt+Shift+3 res­pectively; this was done to avoid key conflicts with keystrokes from the Step Record dialog.
  • Change: remapped Arm Current Track, Arm/unarm All Tracks, Say Armed Tracks and Choose Record Mode to use Control+;, Control+Shift+;, Alt+Shift+; and Alt+; respectively; this change puts all of the related controls on one side of the keyboard.
  • New: Say Current Line (JAWSKey+UpArrow), which is a default JAWS keystroke, will now speak relevant information about the current strip (muted, soloed, armed, has data etc).
  • Change: The keyboard command for list strip fields, previously ctrl+shift+l, has been changed to say current line twice; i.e. JAWSKey+UpArrow twi­ce.
  • Change: Move to volume trim (Control+Shift+M) moves to the input gain field in the bus pane.
  • Change: Most of the move to strip field keystrokes (move to volume, move to input, etc.) now report the value of the field when pressed once and move to the field if pressed twice. The only exceptions are move to channel and move to bus input gain, for which the value cannot be reported without moving to the field, so these keystrokes move when pressed once.
  • Change: Speak Status Summary script is now mapped to JAWSKey+PageDown twice; if this key is pressed three times, the status summary will be displayed in a virtual viewer.
  • New: added support for Hot Spot Clicker. Please note: JSonar does not actually install Hot Spot Clicker, we only provide necessary hooks to support the application.
  • New: Metronome options can now be toggled without entering the Project Options Dialog. The Metronome toolbar must be enabled to facilitate this. All metronome options are preceded by the key Control+M, followed by: P to toggle metronome during playback, R to toggle metronome during recording, A to toggle audio metronome or M to toggle midi metronome.
  • Bug: JSonar now speaks the content of dialogs, not just the dialog name. This bug was noticeable, for example, in the Save Changes confirmation dialog.
  • Bug: reading of peak meters for the current strip now works as expected.
  • Change: The keystroke to speak the peak meter value has been changed to Alt+M for convenience.
  • Change: Read Peak Meter keystroke (ALT+M) will now:
    • speak meter information upon first keypress;
    • go to the place where the meter peak occured upon the second keypress;
    • reset meters upon the third keypress.
  • Change: Auto docking of plugin windows is now disabled by default. This does not affect existing users.
  • New: implemented a hack around Sonar's bug were it loses the current track when either „play“ or „stop“ functions are performed.
  • Change: JSonar now stores settings in a file called sonarX.jsi, where X is the major version number; e.g. sonar5.jsi. Previously, settings were stored in sonarV.jsi, where V was the entire version number; e.g. sonar5.0.jsi. This means that your settings will be lost unless you rename your jsi file, which is stored in the JAWS settings directory under PersonalizedSet­tings.
  • Bug: JSonar should now function correctly in Sonar 5 Studio Edition.
  • Bug: List strip fields now handles blank fields correctly. Blank fields will be indicated by the text „(blank field)“ in the list and moving to a field after a blank field will not cause the cursor to land on the incorrect field.
  • New: JSonar will now speak strip numbers in a quick group, similar to the SaySelectedTracks function; use Alt+Shift+Period to find out which strips are in a quick group. Please note: this feature will only work for tracks and not for buses, due to the limitation in Sonar.
  • Bug: Fixed the possible incorrect reporting of input echo all tracks (Alt+Shift+Apos­trophe).


  • change: Graphics verbosity is set to all by default.
  • change: Control+Shift+M now moves to either the Volume Trim or Velocity Trim column, rather than only the Volume Trim column.
  • new: Introduced a feature where users can spell the value of a current field by pressing Numpad5 twice.
  • bug: Improved the reliability of the go to track (control+shift+g) command.
  • New: The RouteToTrack (Grave Accent key) will now announce other track parameters, e.g. whether the track is muted, soloed, armed and/or input echo is turned on.
  • New: introduced an ability to arm/unarm all tracks (alt+shift+gra­veaccent), solo/unsolo all tracks (alt+shift+/), mute/unmute all tracks (alt+shift+period) and toggle input echo for all tracks (alt+shift+apos­trophe) regardless of the selection.
  • change: In order to be more intuitive, remapped the move to event hours:minutes:se­conds:frames time column command to Alt+Shift+H, where H stands for hmsf. The old Alt+Shift+I binding still remains for the convenience of users who are familiar with the old keystroke.
  • change: Restructured JAWS hotkey and Sonar key help.
  • bug: Track navigation keystrokes (move to volume, move to pan, etc.) no longer select the current track.
  • bug: Move to output (Control+Shift+O) now works for midi tracks.
  • new: In the track pane, Control+Shift+H moves to the Patch field and Control+Shift+B moves to the bank field.
  • new: Control+R is now a shortcut for record automation.
  • new: Input echo for the current track can now be toggled with Control+Apostrophe.
  • bug: Time selection keys (set from to now, set through to now, etc.) will now speak in all views.
  • new: The edit field will automatically receive focus upon entering the lyrics view.
  • New: announcement of descriptive times can now be toggled from the „JAWS Verbosity“ dialog.
  • New: introduced support for autopunch feature, CTRL+Shift+Se­micolon toggles autopunch mode, press this key twice to set punch points to selection.
  • Change: loop mode toggle and set loop to selection work in the same way as the autopunch feature does, namely CTRL+Shift+Apos­trophe to toggle loop mode and CTRL+Shift+Apos­trophe twice sets loop to selection.
  • Bug: CTRL+TAB announces project names correctly when more than one project is opened on the screen.

5.0 beta 1

  • new: Support for Sonar 5. This version of JSonar no longer supports Sonar 3 and 4. Please use JSonar 4.x if you wish to use Sonar 3 and/or 4.
  • new: Support for announcing quick group selection status; i.e. the strip selector. See the topic on „quick groups“ in the Sonar help file for more information. Press Period to select a strip for the quick group and Shift+Period when selecting multiple strips. (These are in-built shortcuts for Sonar, but are not documented in the help file.) JSonar also provides [todo: insert key here] to select or unselect strips for the quick group without affecting the status of other strips. As was the case with the Ctrl+Comma command, Sonar's Shift+Pe­riod command does not allow for deselection of strips.
  • new: JSonar 4 and 5 may now co-exist on the same system. You will need the latest releases of both JSonar 4 and 5, and JSonar 5 must be installed second. This applies even if installing a new version of JSonar 4; JSonar 5 must then be reinstalled. When installing these new releases for the first time, you must first uninstall your previous version of JSonar. Uninstalling is only necessary when upgrading from versions of JSonar that do not support this co-existence.