Sonar Issues

  • When you open the plug-in manager in the tools menu, you won't be focused in the plug-in manager. This is due to the fact that the Sonar application Window is obscuring the plug-in manager Window. You will need to use your Jaws cursor and single left click on an item in the plug-in manager in order to restore focus.
  • If you scan for VST's in any of the Windows in Sonar, such as the plug-in manager and on the VST tab in global options, focus is lost. You will need to press Alt+Tab in order to restore focus.
  • In the preset dialog box, pressing the enter key on the „give keystrokes to plug-in“ button will enable the button but not disable it. Use the plus and minus keys instead to perform this action.
  • In a plugin window, It isn't possible to easily move between the new preset dialog box and the plugin's parameters however, we have provided a JSonar shortcut, function key F6, in order to work around this issue. This is due to the new preset management system that 12 Tone systems have implemented in Sonar 6 and above.
  • Due to a bug in Sonar, it isn't possible to move synthe controls with the bracket keys in the synth rack. Use the plus and minus keys instead.
  • Effect names will not read for midi tracks. This is due to the fact that this information is not available in the Sonar control surface SDK and therefore cannot be obtained via the JSonar control surface plugin.
  • We suggest that you all post emails to the Cakewalk forum highlighting the above-mentioned issues.

JSonar Issues

  • JSonar may occasionally fail to find tracks in large projects. This happens because of the highly-graphical nature of the most recent versions of Sonar interface. To help get around this problem, JSonar provides a window layout that helps to address this issue (courtesy of Phil Muir). Use Sonar's View->Layouts menu to load JSonar Cakewalk window layout.
  • Move strip down and move strip up (Backslash and Shift+Backslash, respectively) require that at least two tracks/buses be able to fit on the screen. JSonar attempts to alert the user of this, but this error checking does not appear to work in the bus pane. Also, this functionality is not 100% reliable. We hope to have a fix in a future release.
  • You may be repetitively told to run the JSonar setup wizard. If you do the following, this should stop occurring:
    1. Go into global options by pressing Alt+O followed by G.
    2. On the audio data tab, check the box labeled „load normal template at start-up“.
    3. On the VST options tab, uncheck the checkbox labeled „Scan for VST's on start-up“.
  • FX/instrument plugin windows may either be floating, which means they are not tied to the main application window and can be moved wherever desired on the screen, or docked, meaning they are integrated into the main application window. In the majority of cases, docking these windows is more beneficial for screen reader users, as they can be accessed from Sonar's Window menu and do not cover the main window when they are not in focus. JSonar can automatically dock these windows. However, this can cause certain plugins to misbehave, and HotSpotClicker support to fail in any plugin that relies on HotSpotClicker support, such as Dimension Pro, and is thus disabled by default. This setting is called ‚Automatically dock plugin windows‘ and can be toggled from the JAWS verbosity settings dialog (JAWSKey+V).
  • Occasionally, accessibility registry settings are not initialized properly after the installation of JSonar. You will know this if all you hear from JSonar is „_access“ as you navigate in track view. To fix this:
    • Make sure your Sonar application is completely shut down
    • Go to Start Menu Programs->JSonar7->Reinstall Registry Settings option
    • Pick the registry settings file (with extension of .reg) for your version of Sonar and press ENTER
    • Accept all the prompts from Windows and let the system modify your registry accordingly.
      Please note: you need to know what version of Sonar you are using before importing registry settings, otherwise, accessibility features will not be activated properly. For example, if you are using Sonar 7.0 Producer Edition, the registry file you need to activate is called „Sonar Producer 7.0 accessibility mode.reg“.