Plug-in support via Hot Spot Clicker

Starting from JSonar5 we are using the Hot Spot Clicker software to provide support for many of the third-party plug-ins and software synthesizers. In fact, in order to use some of the built-in Sonar plug-ins, such as Session Drummer2 and the Sonitus suite of effects, you will have to install the Hot Spot Clicker program. Otherwise, you will not be able to use these plug-ins because they are not natively accessible. To help you out, the JSonar installer will copy all the Hot Spot Clicker sets that support Sonar's built-in plug-ins. Please note: if you installed the JSonar scripts manually, you will have to copy all the necessary HSC sets on your own.

The following are the steps to get started with Hot Spot Clicker:

  1. Visit Hot Spot Clicker web site to read about the program, to download the installer and Hot Spot Clicker settings for supported plug-ins. It is advised that you download the latest version of both the Hot Spot Clicker and the sets, unless specifically discouraged by JSonar developers.
  2. Install the Hot Spot Clicker application by using the provided installer.
  3. After you have carried out all the necessary steps for installing Hot Spot Clicker (also known as HSC) and made sure that it is installed properly, run Sonar at least once in order to initialize support for HSC within JSonar.
  4. Press INSERT+CTRL+R to run „Runtime Setup Wizard“; JSonar will import all Hot Spot Clicker sets found in the default folder.

To import Hot Spot Clicker sets manually or import new sets, do the following:

  1. Open Sonar and after the project screen comes up, press CTRL+ALT+SHIF­T+F1 twice.
  2. Scroll down to the list item that says „ImportHot Spot Preset“ and choose OK.
  3. Select „Import All“ to import all presets or select a particular preset you want to import from the list and press OK.

Please read Hot Spot Clicker documentation for more information on the features and operation of this software.