There are several channels available to the new and existing JSonar users.

Search, browse and read

  • Please use the „search this site“ box at the top of this page to search through all the content on the JSonar web site. You'd be surprised how much you will find!
  • Use the „Search with Google“ edit field at the top to find more information on this site, such as the messages from the JSonar discussion list.
  • Read through available FAQs, articles, JSonar tutorial and guides.

JSonar Discussion Email List

We have an email forum for general discussion of JSonar and Sonar related issues. You may subscribe or unsubscribe here. Through this list you can:

Please note that only list subscribers can post to the list.


Contact us for any suggestions and comments about the JSonar project. All the contact information can also be found in the README file that comes wit the scripts.