Cakewalk Sonar provides a 4 band graphic EQ which can be enabled for each audio track.

Below are the steps to use it with JSonar:

  • Open sonar and a project you want to work on; make sure you are located in the track view.
  • Find the track for which you want to modify EQ parameters.
  • Press the letter I if using Sonar 8.5.3 or later, otherwise, Tab once to the „track inspector“ and down arrow to „Display“ field, then hit enter.
  • Make sure that „Plot“ and „EQ“ options are checked.
  • When finished down arrow to „Module Options“ field and hit enter again. Here each module has some options. For example the „plot“ should be set to „auto“ by activating the „plot“ menu, Then press ENTER again on the „auto“ option.
  • Arrow down to the „EQ“ field and hit ENTER until you hear „EQ Enabled“.
  • Underneath that control you have the band selecter. By default this field will be set to „band one“, but when you press ENTER on it, you can select another band.
  • One field down you have to enable the band you've just chosen by pressing ENTER and making sure that the field value is set to „enabled“.
  • Below you'll find your EQ type EQ cue and eq gain where you open each control by pressing ENTER on them.