Track folders is a feature of the Cakewalk software that allows you to group relevant tracks into folders. For example, you could store all your drum tracks into one folder while your guitar or keyboard tracks could go into another folder. You can also move tracks from one folder to another or remove tracks from them altogether. Additionally, by simply activating mute, solo or select action on the track folder, you can mute, solo or select all the tracks contained in that folder. And, of course, you can remove tracks from folders or completely remove folders themselves with all the tracks contained in them. In other words, track folders are just like file folders you use on every day basis, but instead of files, you operate on audio, MIDI or synth tracks.

While being a visual convenience, track folders are particularly useful for keyboard users because, when collapsed, they reduce the number of keystrokes one has to press in order to reach a needed track. Below are some of the actions and shortcut keys you can use to work with track folders and JSonar.

  • To create, remove track folders or move tracks into or out of folders, use track context menu (access via JSonar's CONTROL+AP­PLICATIONS shortcut key).
  • To expand or collapse the track folder under the cursor, use Sonar's built-in CONTROL+F shortcut key.

Please note: Up until Cakewalk Sonar 8.0 there was a bug in Cakewalk's software that did not always report the name of the folder under the cursor. This has been fixed for the latest version of Cakewalk Sonar.