At the time of this writing the following languages are supported (meaning that JSonar scripts have been translated into this language):

  • Russian: (installer, scripts, Readme, keyboard guides); courtesy of Victor Gorelov, Russia.
  • Dutch: (installer, scripts); courtesy of Paul Erkens, Netherlands.
  • German: (scripts); courtesy of Marco Zehe, Germany.
  • Swedish: (installer, scripts, Readme, keyboard guides); courtesy of Janne Svensson, Sweden.
  • Spanish: (scripts, installer, the Readme and keyboard guides), courtesy of D!J!X!, The United States.
  • Note: German, French and Spanish scripts require localized versions of Cakewalk Sonar and will not work with the English version.
  • Dutch and Sweedish languages will most likely be removed from the official JSonar distribution because they are not maintained any more. Additionally, there are no localized versions of Sonar for these languages.