Many of our supporters ask similar questions, so it is only fair of you to ask them as well and get the answers from us. We hope the following short FAQ will provide you with some of these answers. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Why should I donate to the JSonar project?

  • To cover the costs involved in maintaining the portal and making sure that the author has the time to keep updating the site with new information, links, tutorials, articles, guides, podcasts etc.
  • To enable us produce training materials such as audio tutorials.
  • To cover some of the time and energy that go into the development of the JSonar scripts.
  • Currently, we do not pay our translators and content contributors, however, we would have liked to if we had more donations.

How many users benefit from the jsonar project?

  • Several thousands of blind musicians around the world are now using JSonar scripts to record music in their home studios, for their leisure, work and studies (JSonar is now translated into several languages).
  • Our web site has over 4000–6000 visitors every month.

How do I donate to the JSonar project?

  • Our prefered method is to accept the money via Paypal; please use the „paypal“ button found on every page to contribute through Paypal.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with Paypal, please contact us to discuss alternative options.